Yes! Something to keep in mind when buying new construction is that the “builder’s agent”, while very helpful and knowledgeable about the homes and community, definitely works for the builder. Remember, when buying new construction, the builder is also the seller, and the agent representing the builder is considered the builder's agent. That builder’s agent is responsible for getting the builder the highest possible price for their homes.

New construction in any market is very inviting and comforting as you’ll likely be surrounded by other like-minded new neighbors in your new home that’s been untouched by others. Everything is brand-new and you’ll have the chance to pick your colors, your appliance package and flooring along with any other upgrades your heart desires. Your agent will make sure you have these opportunities and not be pushed into getting things you don’t need or want.

One main thing to be aware of is that many builders may refuse to compensate your agent unless you bring them with you and have them registered as your agent. Ask yourself the question as to “why would that practice be in place”. So be sure to bring your agent with you to every “first time” visit to any new construction site. Not only will that guarantee you’ll have your own agent representation but will also assure your agent “earns and receives their commission”.